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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Premium Member Meg B20/Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconfrossti-fc: Frossti-FC
Happy 18th Birthday, 2012
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▲ s u m m e r - b a b y ▲

c h u u by Lluma
Skully and Seven woof cuddles <3

Play as you read my page! c:

Lluma is a H I P S T E R by Lluma


Hi there, my name is Meg and this is my little corner of dA!
I mostly draw animals and anthro's so feel free to look around my gallery!

▲ a b o u t - m e ▲

Jingle Bell by GasaraAbout MeJingle Bell by Gasara

Icon Commission - Skully by foxlollyIcon commission - Seven by foxlolly
★ Meg | ♀ | 20 | ENFP | Taken ★
Hello there! I am Lluma, although many of you will know me by my previous username, Frosstie. You may call me pretty much whatever you want, or just Meg (which is my RL name for realsies!)

I am a 3rd year university student studying Film & TV at Aberystwyth University and draw stuff for dA as my hobby. I am an animal and anthro artist who loves to use bright and bold colours, so if this is not for you, turn back now!
In real life, I currently live with Jad3w1ngs, freekzim223 and my boyfriend!

My OC's
Character Icon: Seven by Lluma:heart:Character Icon: Skully by Lluma
Seven x Skully
Character Icon: Luca by LlumaCharacter Icon: Felix by LlumaCharacter Icon: Kalen by LlumaCharacter Icon: Sullivan by LlumaCharacter Icon: King by Lluma
Luca - - Felix - - Kalen - - Sullivan - - King
My Charahub

▲ e t e r n a l - s u m m e r ▲

▲ i n f o r m a t i o n ▲

Find me here:

Triforce Dividers by xXNami-sanXxLOZ Majora's Mask Icon by MysticalTemptressTriforce Dividers by xXNami-sanXx

Jingle Bell by GasaraArt StatusJingle Bell by Gasara

Commissions by Adrienne87
Headshot Sticker for Torro-Torro of Jack and Erin

Art Trades by Adrienne87
Toothie13 (Drawing Jake)
Fellefan (Drawing James)
Design Trade with KarmaDash (Female wolf)

Personal Projects by Adrienne87
AtF Pges
Update Refs

Currently by Adrienne87
((After the Fall)) - Periodically!
Commission for black-yami-cat button - paid by shanbury (Ongoing)
Skully Seven Cuddle by Lluma

▲ a f t e r - t h e - f a l l ▲

Jingle Bell by GasaraAfter the FallJingle Bell by Gasara

After the Fall is my graphic novel following the journey of Solomon the horse on his quest to find his twin sister and save Etaria...

After the Fall: Cover 3.0 (Final) by LlumaAfter the Fall: Prologue by LlumaAfter the Fall: Chapter One - The North by LlumaAfter the Fall: Page 001 by LlumaAfter the Fall: Page 002 by LlumaAfter the Fall: Page 003 by Lluma

<div align="center">



Full commission
Spring Is Coming by Lluma
Sun Walker by Lluma
Born On A Monday by Lluma
Any feral animals welcome
No humans please <3
Please indicate if you want a certain mood or background c:
Reference Sheet
KalenRefSheet by Lluma
Aaru Reference Sheet 2014 by Lluma
Skully | Reference 2015 by Lluma
Anthro and feral animals welcome
Any animal
No humans please <3
Albion Headshot by Lluma
Holiday GIFTS!!! by Lluma
Either one character or a sheet for 1050 x each character on a sheet
Anthro and feral characters only please
No humans <3
Sticker Headshot
My Sun and Stars, Moon of My Life by Lluma
A sticker type headshot; up to 2 characters only
Any animal or anthro welcome!
No humans please! <3
Anthro, No Background
You've Met With A Terrible Fate, Haven't You? by Lluma
Miami Nights 1985 by Lluma
Any anthro characters welcome
Anthro only
No humans please <3
Anthro, With Background
''You Are My World, Little Fox'' by Lluma
Any anthro characters welcome
Up to two character
Any background
No humans please <3

▲ g o o d b y e - f r i e n d ▲

You Will Be Missed, Friend by Lluma
A small memoriam for a good friend sadly lost.

▲ f l u f f y - & - f o x y ▲

:heart: O6.11.14 :heart:

My Sun and Stars, Moon of My Life by Lluma
Snugs by Lluma
Frosst and Skully - Commission by kohu-arts

▲ b e s t - f r i e n d s ▲

Jingle Bell by GasaradeviantART BaesJingle Bell by Gasara


Triforce Dividers by xXNami-sanXxLOZ Majora's Mask Icon by MysticalTemptressTriforce Dividers by xXNami-sanXx

Taken <3
O6.11.2O14 ilu Fluffy

Less Than Three by emmyruu

▲ w a i t i n g - o n ▲

Jingle Bell by GasaraWaiting OnJingle Bell by Gasara

((Take all the time you need, this is just for me to remember who I commission!))

art trade with Toothie13 of Seven
art trade with Fellefan of Seven
design trade with KarmaDash of female lioness

▲ c o m m e n t s ▲

Jingle Bell by GasaraCommentsJingle Bell by Gasara

Please don't ask for points, send spam or chain messages! Thank you!
You are more than welcome to thank for anything, but before you do, know that you deserved it anyway! =u=


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